COACHING & MENTORING SERVICES : Transformation at Work- releasing people to perform


How can Coaching and Mentoring serve the individual and the business? Some examples of feedback:

"I am more ready to share ideas and take a greater risk."

"You helped us move from a very negative place."

"Coaching helped me find different ways to approach situations."

"There has been an improvement in my attitude overall; I have been more effective and that has attracted more work!"

"I will be able to handle new situations in a new way. I feel I have internalised the learnings. There are certain situations where I will be very different."

"You helped me draw learning out of past experiences and training, relate it to real time situations and apply it."

"Coaching was very valuable as a sounding board for my ideas. You helped me to gain clarity around what I wanted to achieve for my department."

"I have moved to new levels of seeing what was important: through your feedback. I saw my prejudices, projections and rather arrogant style. I am now able to avoid some of these extremes, with benefits all round."

"I now make the connection between what I feel (emotions) and what is happening - and what often isn't said!"

"I have learned more and more to find my own resources: I take power to myself and do what is appropriate."

"I have become much better at self-reflecting, at listening and giving feedback, and at putting myself in the other's position - without you I couldn't have managed!"

"You were a neutral person with whom I could discuss and evaluate. It was extremely helpful."

"Coaching has been extremely helpful to manage the stress involved. I have avoided certain unhelpful actions. I have learned what can be achieved, and have not been unrealistic. It would have been much more difficult alone."

"It was good that you had an opinion. I did not want someone with no views of their own."